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Meet Rasheda, NP-C

We Have Answers

What happens during a follow-up visit?

RPA's follow-up visits are the bedrock of our practice. Our goal is to change oncology care, by limiting visits to the ER or urgent care. In the comfort of your home, we offer instructions on how to properly use supportive medications to reduce side effects and improve the management of symptoms. RPA reviews medications to check for drug-to-drug interactions. In the event that medications are added or discontinued during the visit, we will ensure that your medical care team is aware of all changes.

How would I benefit from home chemotherapy education visits?

RPA's Home chemotherapy education visits allow patients and their families to be educated about the cancer diagnosis, the prescribed chemotherapy regimen, possible side effects and methods to manage the side effects, in the comfort of their own home. 

Does RPA, LLC provide home IV hydration and IV antiemetics?

Yes, if needed. Our trained professionals, with extensive oncology care experience, will provide home calls to assess if IV hydration, antiemetics or other supportive services are needed.

How does your company differ from a typical home care agency?

RPA is not a home care agency. We do not assist with bathing, feeding, dressing, or the like. We are independent licensed practitioners (Nurse Practitioners) who assess, diagnose, and treat. Our visits mirror a routine follow up visit with your primary oncology provider, in the comfort of your home, without long wait times and crowded waiting rooms.


Is a referral required to utilize these services?

RPA, LLC accepts self-referrals. Referrals can also be from physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and/or registered nurses.

Are you covered by insurance?

While we are in the process of partnering with insurance companies we are currently, self-pay only. However, please do not be discouraged, as we have an income based payment scale.

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