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Providing clinically sound oncology services in the comfort of your home.

We're on a Mission to Change Oncology Care

As the only in-home concierge oncological service provider in the DMV area, Rasheda Persinger & Associates, LLC is on a mission to change oncology care. We bring a unique approach to patient care with a wealth of expertise and knowledge. 


Patients' environments are integral to their healing process, therefore RPA is committed to not only providing in-home education, but making house calls for patients undergoing chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or oral treatments. We provide care for all oncology disease groups.


RPA should not be confused with a home care agency, as we do not assist with bathing, feeding, dressing, or the like. Instead, we are independent licensed practitioners (Nurse Practitioners) who assess, diagnose, and treat. Our visits would mirror a routine follow up visit with your primary oncology provider. We alleviate the burden of traveling to your appointment and bring the appointment to you in the comfort of your own home while avoiding long waits in crowded waiting rooms.

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